Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stay calm, relax

It seems like the last few semesters in school, the last month of final projects have stressed me out to no end. It's been kind of routine for me to get a series of really annoying headaches that refuse to quit, all while I really need to get work done.

Tonight is one of those nights of course. I have a project due in Fibers next Wednesday which we were only given two weeks to conceptualize, plan, and execute. I really hate trying to be creative in a hurry - nothing makes it more uninspiring and of course that sets off the panic buttons. What's worse is that we're forced to use a technique that I'm ok with, but definitely don't enjoy when being forced to do it: pattern-making/sewing. I do definitely want to improve my skills, but not when I have a week to try and pull something off and my fabric refuses to cooperate with me!

Ok, I'll clarify. I somehow decided that it would be cool/neat/a smart idea to use several layers of netting as my fabric..........a fellow classmate successfully fused several layers of netting together for a small sample, but when I try to do it, I keep getting crap stuck together like the foil glued to the netting, or the netting not sticking at all.

deep breath....

I'm going to try sewing it together instead of fusing because I just about give up on that. If the sewing doesn't work out then I give up. I'm going to have to find some other fabric to use.

Sorry. Had to rant here. I'm obviously deeply frustrated and annoyed. I hope that my next post will be the flip side of the story where everything works out.

I really hate rush jobs.


  1. God do I know the hell that comes with sewing net!!

    I hate using, it's one of my least favourite materials but I always end up having to sue it for some costume or another lol.

    A tip would be a wide zig-zag stich to set it all together. I've never tried fusing it together but I've made things with lots of layers and have always just stitched round the edge or overlocked the edge. If you use a thread that matches exactly it's not always easy to see the zig-zag stich :)

    hope you're final assesments don't kill you! just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel! :D xxxx

  2. I know this comment is a few days late, but I hope things got better, especially your headache. Good luck on the netting...It sounds super interesting, and I'd love to see how it turns out. And I know what you mean about trying to be creative in a hurry. Things just don't work best that way. Just remember, you are a crafting hotshot and make crazy-good things. You can do it!

  3. The point of fusing was more so to create a stiff fabric that would support itself as I am sewing a 3-D object. The elmer's glue I used worked like a charm (though messy) but it didn't come out quite as transparent as I hoped, so I washed it out after sewing. Now my piece is kind of floppy but I'm working on a basic armature to keep the shape up.

    Thanks for the support guys! I'm on the downhill part of the project, it could be a lot better, but it could be a lot worse. I'm just looking forward to it being over with at this point.

    Next project: installation!!


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