Sunday, March 31, 2013

Keeping busy, trying new things, oh yeah, and Easter

What a dreary day for a holiday. It's cloudy and raining outside - compared to yesterday that was full of sun and blue skies this is a little depressing, but at least the temps are up (relatively speaking). Hope everyone has fun gorging on pork products or meats other than beef (I guess I never really realized that Easter is an anti-beef holiday), chocolate, and eggs!

On the crafting front, I am not the most talented person when it comes to precise exacting details but I am working to slowly get a little closer to that point. Over the last two weeks I've tackled a few of the more elementary items to sew and I think I've done rather well. Of course I had to use some of my own printed fabrics to keep it fun.

I made these pouches as an experiment using this tutorial and once I'm happy with the level of finishing I will be making more to sell in my shop, of course with the distinctive fandom screen printing I've done a lot with so far. Hopefully, as well, more of my own original designs.

 photo P1040418_zpsbff3fb88.jpg

I also had some fun doing a few custom orders for my etsy shop. I had a star wars request which was perfect as for some reason I had it on the brain. So many more ideas for patches in the future, and some awesome star wars fabric I have yet to break into for future bags.

 photo P1040365_zps2d5e9d41.jpg

 photo P1040366_zpsfb7cdf5c.jpg

I am shocked that it took me so long to get on the felt applique bandwagon and there is no going back for me now. Funny too, since I feel like I took to using felt pretty early when doing embroidered hoop designs. But in any case, love it!

 photo P1040367_zpsa57c0269.jpg

 photo P1040370_zpsc338c81b.jpg

 photo P1040369_zps0fc81c03.jpg

I also did a little Harry Potter pouch for a lovely lady who is gifting it to her daughter. I hope she likes it!

 photo P1040419_zps4f808b93.jpg

I thought I was pretty clever in working the button to be a snitch. Must remember that for the future.

 photo P1040420_zps14a89bee.jpg

 photo P1040421_zpsa56db4c9.jpg

I'm always up for more custom orders, especially if they're fun and something I haven't done before =)

I've also been thinking of changing up my banners - I've had them since I started last year and I feel like doing something new. I'm not sure what yet, but it should be fun. I'm already picturing all the possibilities...

Totally random, all-over the place post. The end.

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  1. I love everything in this post!
    Those pouches are excellent, good for you for trying a new technique.


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